About Us

Here's the short story....

Hey y'all! We are a couple of southern transplants living near Philadelphia. Greg is on staff with the Coalition for Christian Outreach here in the Philly area. We use our southern roots in hospitality and community to tell college students about Jesus. We love life on life ministry! 

We started Sovereign Restorations as a way to raise support for our work with college students.  We are in a faith based ministry...a fancy way of saying that we raise all our living funds from individuals and churches. 

Sovereign Restorations is a way that we help supplement our income so that we can do what we do best...love on college students.

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The longer story...

 2015 began with the birth of our fourth child, Lacey Grace on New Year’s Day. She was 4 months premature and passed away 10 days later. Devastated and broken, our journey towards healing took an unusual path. I found working with my hands and creating DIY projects to be therapeutic. By late spring I was experimenting with different mediums, paints and finishes, and themes. Then it hit me! I had seen the kind of art I was making in stores and knew I could do it, so I decided to give it a try.

Sovereign Restorations was born. The name is a double meaning from the combinations of our last name and our upcycled materials. But since this work is a way for us to still mourn and heal from our loss, Sovereign Restorations also points to the work God is doing in us.

Our little Lacey's video can be seen here:

My husband and I have been in campus ministry since 2007 at a small suburban Philadelphia liberal arts college. True to our Southern roots, we open our home and they open their lives. We are privileged to invite students to follow Jesus and challenge them to greater faith.

One of our goals for Sovereign Restorations was that it would become an outlet for us to be able to share our ministry with others. Additionally, we are utilizing our art shows and online purchases to help us reach our support goals.